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Fijian Caregivers in Sacramento, California

Our team works hard to improve the services we offer, and our clients’ testimonials are proof that our hard work paid off. Read about our clients’ experiences in working closely with us.

2 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. The hospice care for my mom provided by Connect Fiji Care was outstanding. Three full time caregivers were available on very short notice. They were reliable, professional, warm and attentive. The owner is very experienced with hospice care. She was available at any time to answer my questions and provide updates. Even when she was not at the house she checked in on her team, kept me up to date, and participated in strategy calls with me and the hospice nurse. I never worried that my mom was alone or her needs, both physical and emotional, were not met. My mom was very well cared for in her last weeks and I would highly recommend Connect Fiji Care.

  2. I was so thankful to have Lusia Vosailagi from Connect Fiji Care take care of my husband, Maury Power, for 2 years. She did so much to make him happy and comfortable. She bathed him, kept his catheter clean and took him for his daily walk at our local park. Lusia has immense compasion and love for her clients and their families. She has a good medical background. I could not have done any of this by myself. Thank you, Lusia, you will always be my friend.

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